Please be patient as I update this site! Lots more to come!

I'm glad you took time to visit my page! I live in a town about an hour southeast of Atlanta Georgia. I graduated from Georgia Military College, then grabbed a Computer Science Degree at Georgia College & State University where I currently work as a Software Systems Developer, Oracle Database Admin, Oracle Portal Admin, Web/CGI Applications Programmer and SAS Administrator for Institutional Research. Before this, I worked in Administrative Computing for 5 years as a developer. I also did web design and cgi programming for my brother who owns, although we don't have time for that anymore. He was Director of Networking Services at Georgia Military College for about 5 years, but left there to finish his degree in computers. Now he owns his own computer store, IT Systems, and does computers, networking, and repair. I can write in pretty much any language (Unix shell, C++, Java, Javascript, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, C#, PERL CGI). I also enjoy my cars, computer graphics/photoshop, helping people out, hanging out with friends.


I've always enjoyed While I love modifying and accessorising, I hate the idea of tacking on every possible accessory available for a vehicle. Too much is obvious, tacky, and embarassing... things like the HUGE park-bench wings you see on cars now days (thanks to movies like Fast and the Furious). I feel the goal of customizing should be to make people say "wow that's a really nice (insert vehicle here)!...what model is that?!", not "wow, look a the wing they bolted onto that (insert vehicle here)".

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Photoshop is an interest of mine along with photography (usually for myself and friends only). I like experimenting with filters and techniques to create eye-pleasing images. I can create graphics from scratch, retouch existing pictures, or restore old photos.

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